Program Recap: I Could Never Be a Contractor…or So I Thought

Submitted by Sharon McDonnell

Wednesday, May 14 was the night. Blue Care Network headquarters in Southfield was the venue. The panel consisted of three presenters: Thomas Glennan (Technical Writing Solutions, LLC), Patricia Gómez Martz (Inkberry Solutions) and Mary Jo David (Write Away Enterprises).

The three panelists each took turns at the podium, followed by a question-and-answer session for all three. The common themes were: get an attorney, get an accountant, market yourself even when you already have projects to work on, and make time for yourself and your family (in other words, don’t work 24/7 or you will burn out).

The panelists shared many tips and tricks about how to run your business and set rates and gave some history of their experiences. Everyone gave positive feedback on this program; some who had been freelancing in the past said they learned things they didn’t know! One of the attendees said, “Great program last night! Even though I was an independent (freelancer/consultant/business owner?) for 15 years, I learned a lot from all of you — i.e., that I did a lot of things wrong! You gave us a ton of useful information that I’ll be able to use the next time I go solo. Thanks!”

Many thanks to Catherine Vera-Burgos and BCN for allowing us to use their beautiful venue. Many folks mentioned how nice and comfortable it was, not to mention the great audiovisual accommodations.