Volunteering with STC-SM

In addition to staffing STC-SM through elected volunteer positions, we work with other volunteers on a variety of projects and activities. We maintain formal STC-SM staff positions, have volunteers directed by committee managers, and bring in other volunteers for events, special projects, and support for our regular chapter activities.

As volunteers are always welcome, for projects both large and small, you can lend a hand for just a few hours, jump in and tackle a long-term project, or make a commitment to the chapter to serve for at least a full term/year. Membership in STC or STC-SM is not a requirement for volunteering, but membership in STC-SM is required for Executive Administrative Council positions.

Please e-mail our Nominations Manager for more information about the projects with which you would like to help.

Administrative Council Positions

Executive Administrative Council

The Executive Administrative Council is empowered with primary voting authority to pursue chapter initiatives, allocate resources, and authorize financial expenditures,in order to further the strategic objectives of the society and goals of the current president.


The chapter President oversees chapter operations and helps other volunteers plan, organize, and conduct various chapter activities. The President takes over the Immediate Past President position in the following chapter term.

Vice President

The chapter Vice President supports the President in all aspects of the chapter as needed, and takes over the President's role in the following chapter term.

Immediate Past President

In addition to serving as the Nominations Chair of the Nominations Committee, the Immediate Past President continues to support chapter-level initiatives and the goals of the current President.


Manages all of the chapter's funds and financial operations.


Keeps the records of council meetings and activities; reminds other council members of upcoming events, meetings, and duties; maintains the council's contact information; and archives chapter materials on the website as needed.

Committee Managers

The Extended Administrative Council participate in council meetings and contribute to chapter decision-making.

Education Liaison

Coordinates communication between the STC-SM Chapter and the numerous high schools, colleges, and universities in our area.

Chapter Historian

Often working in conjunction with the Secretary, maintains historical records of STC-SM, including hardcopy, electronic files, and other assets. This position also includes opportunities to gather new historical records about STC-SM.

Job Board/Listserv Manager

Collects and posts all job openings that are submitted to the chapter for circulation, and manages the chapter's Listserv.

Membership Manager

Develops ideas for recruiting new members, maintains lists of current and prospective members, and answers questions that prospective members might have about the chapter.

Newsletter Manager

Oversees the production of TECHcomments, the chapter's newsletter, published in PDF format online.

Nominations Manager

Identifies and approaches potential candidates for elected offices within the chapter, and also coordinates and recruits volunteers for non-elected jobs.

Professional Liaison

Promotes partnerships by facilitating and coordinating communications and activities between STC-SM members, professional organizations, and local companies in order to fulfill business resource and STC member employment needs.

Programs Manager

Generates ideas for seminars, presentations, and other events designed to further the professional development of the chapter membership, planning, setting up, and executing the events.

Publicity Manager

Serves as a primary link between the chapter and the community. The committee's goal is to increase public awareness of both our profession and the Society, and also helps the Membership Committee recruit new members.


Maintains the STC-SM website, administers the chapter e-mail system, explores new technologies and ideas for the development of online resources, and works to recruit developers and writers as needed to help manage and create content.

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